Sports, Media, Entertainment & Creatives [SMEC]

Sports, Media, Entertainment & Creatives [SMEC]

As a Sports, Media, Entertainment & Creatives Law firm in Nigeria, our team provides practical and detailed legal advisory services our clients involved in the Sports, Music, Fashion, Advertising, Film, Television and general creative Industry. We help clients attain adequate and effective protection for their craft, brands, image, intangible assets, concepts, business operating plans and information technology while ensuring their compliance with local Law and Nigerian regulatory standards.

The SMEC team work closely with our IP team to provide copyright, trademarks, patents and designs advisory services to our clients concerning their creative works, brand names/marks, designs and inventions. We assist clients by developing, advising on and reviewing advertisements for product/brand development in Nigeria. Our clients are assured of our all-encompassing proficiency concerning the Media, Entertainment and Creative law issues, including contract advisory, preparation and negotiations. We engage in sports agency advisory and are active in Sports regulatory compliance in Nigeria and negotiate and provide sports contractual advisory on behalf of our clients.

The Dispute resolution group supports our SMEC team in the event of a dispute regarding any of the SMEC areas. Concerning SMEC disputes, we aim to resolve the same in favour of our clients within the shortest possible time and with minimal recourses from our clients.

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