Debt Recovery, Restructuring & Insolvency

Debt Recovery, Restructuring & Insolvency

F.A. Garrick & Co has a sound Debt Recovery and Insolvency Practice. We adopt various and situation-specific legal tools for the recovery of debts on our clients’ behalf. We have handled and continue to manage multiple high-end debt recovery cases on behalf of Nigerian banks as other financial institutions in the business of advancing loans for interest.  

Our Insolvency team provide services that create a one-stop-shop for insolvency-related corporate restructuring. They handle matters concerning commercial insolvency, insolvency-related litigation, negotiated settlements, security interest enforcement, and corporate debt restructuring.

Among others, we help clients negotiate with creditors for settlement, acquire or sell distressed assets, restructure under arrangements with creditors, enforce security interest facilities, and review security and credit prowess for lenders and borrowers. Our lawyers have been appointed as receivers/managers and liquidators of insolvent entities and assets. Also, we have expertise in conducting forensic investigations by way of comprehensive due diligence.

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