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  • Current Legislation:

    The Trade Marks Act of 1965
    The Trade Marks Regulation 1967

  • Requirement:

    Any person who claims to be the proprietor of a mark may make application to the Registrar of Trade Marks for its registration. Nigeria follows the international classification of goods. An applicant must provide the following:
    a) Name and address of the applicant
    b) List of goods for which application is sought; an applicant may specify the class or classes in which application is to be made.
    c) Bromide copies of the mark particularly when the mark is a device mark or colour is claimed.
    d) Authorisation of Agent Form ( Power of Attorney ) simply signed by the applicant or its authorised agent where the applicant is a corporation. There is no need for legalisation or notarisation.
    Download this form by clicking the links below

  • Duration and Renewal :

    A registered trade mark is valid for a period of seven years from the date of the filing of the application and may be renewed, at the option of the proprietor, for successive periods of fourteen years. A registered trade mark may be removed from the register for non-renewal on the apllication of a person concerned.
    Remedy for infringement of a registered trade mark is available at the federal high court.

  • Trademark related services:

    a) Trademark Searches
    b) Trademark application preparations
    c) Trademark application filing
    d) Trademark prosecution
    e) Trademark opposition proceedings
    f) Trademark Cancellation proceeding
    g) Cease and desist letters
    h) Trademark Enforcement and Defense
    i) Trademark Litigation
    j) Trademark infringement opinions
    k) Trademark Validity opinions
    NB: Service Marks are now registerable in Nigeria.
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