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  • Novelty:

    To be registrable the Industrial Design must be new.

  • Requirement:

    Six(6) copies of the representation of the design (drawings on thick paper of A4 size), Authorisation of Agent form duly signed by the applicant.

  • Convention:

    Application based on a foreign design application (basic application) is possible. The Nigerian application must be filed within (6) six months from the date the basic application was filed. A certified copy of the basic application must be filed in Nigeria within (3) months from the date of the Nigerian application.

  • Application Under Sealed Cover:

    Possible for maximum period of 12 months from date of application.

  • Examination:

    As to form only.

  • Term:

    Registration of an Industrial Design is valid in the first instance for a period of (5) years from the date of the application and on payment of the prescribed fee may be renewed for (2) further consecutive periods of (5) years.